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free-deliveryWelcome to Strand Build It 

Strand Build It is a proud building material supplier to the building and construction industry and home improver market with a full selection of building supplies offering competitive prices and excellent service for all your new building, building renovations and D.I.Y hardware requirements in the Cape Town area. Defined by entrepreneurship, authenticity, expertise and collaboration, Strand Build It is your first choice for building material. At Strand Build It we not only offer excellent customer service and fast efficient delivery but specialise in building materials, construction materials, home improvement materials, paints and we are comprehensive wood supplier.

Strand Build It is a first choice building material supplier in its chosen field in Cape Town area, particularly Helderberg, in which it operates. We accomplish this by carrying a comprehensive product range of quality building products including ppc cement, rainwater goods, bricks and blocks, paint and coatings, decorative material, waterproofing, plumbing equipment, adhesives and sealants, electrical goods, boards, doors and windows, roofing material, water tanks, outdoor and garden, timber, garage doors and essential tools and more at the most competitive prices. All of which is to meet the needs of the local market of homebuilders, home improvers, contractors, farmers and traders.

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